Always Repairing Water Damage in Your Basement?

Stop the flooding with our basement waterproofing services in Elgin, Harvard, Belvidere, Arlington Heights, IL & All other Northwest suburbs of Chicago

When you have problems with water in your basement, SWS Home Solutionz, LLC can solve them. We provide basement waterproofing services for houses in Elgin, Harvard, Arlington Heights, IL and Leesburg, FL.

When we waterproof basements, we:

Look through them for water damage
Complete any necessary basement or foundation repairs
Waterproof the basement walls
Set 4-inch pipes into the ground
Install underground leaders

By installing drainage, we make sure that moisture can't accumulate. To keep water from damaging your basement one more time, schedule our basement waterproofing services now.

Prevent water damage before it begins

Prevent water damage before it begins

If you have a new building, waterproofing your basement walls is an excellent way to prevent issues from developing. You won't have to stress about basement or foundation damage later. You also won't have to deal with mold or mildew in your basement.

To start waterproofing your basement walls, get in touch with us right away. We'll walk you through the additional benefits of getting this service at your convenience.

Sealing cracked foundations with top-quality materials

Do you need basement waterproofing services in Harvard, IL or the surrounding area? You're in luck. Our pros know how to seal hairline cracks and structural cracks the right way. We use two types of injections to strengthen and protect your foundation from future cracking. The first type is a polyurethane wall injection, which is perfect for waterproofing and sealing hairline cracks. The second type is a liquid resign injection, which is ideal for straightening and bonding cracked concrete.

Have you noticed hairline cracks in your foundation? Contact us today to find out more about our basement waterproofing and foundation crack repair services.