Stop Your Basement from Flooding

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Constant flooding can damage your basement and your foundation. If you have flooding issues or leaks around your home, call SWS Home Solutionz, LLC today. Our team provides basement waterproofing, inspections, sump pump replacements and more in Elgin, Harvard, Belvidere and Arlington Heights, IL as well as Leesburg, FL. You'll get the foundation and drainage service you need to stay flood-free for years to come.

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The signs of a cracked or leaking foundation

The signs of a cracked or leaking foundation

Think that you may have leaks or cracks in your foundation? Be on the lookout for:

  • Water in your basement
  • White, powdery residue where the slab and foundation meet
  • A continuously running sump pump
  • Flooding in your yard
  • Improper water funneling by downspouts
Do any of these signs look familiar? Call our team today, and we'll take care of your drainage issue.